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I have welcomed the merging with the white horse. This is a journey of deep discovery and boundless creativity. I give way to the becoming of one leaving behind all that is unnecessary while embracing all possibilities. By weaving the tapestry of our spirits we do not lose ourselves but transform our being through the enhanced senses of one another’s hearts and dreams.

We ride to discover the endless blanket of ever expand light that reaches across unfathomable planes. The travel of eternity moves both forward and backwards in time. There is no fear direction as love moves in all dimensions.

We soar the oceans depths of spirit; immersing ourselves in the deepest states of creativity by releasing to the vacuum of the internal. We breathe water like air while swimming with the expansive wings of Pegasus. There is no fear of what is right when love knows no wrong.

This journey has no steps and yet we will travel distances only measured by the soul. There will be no quantifiable or empirical. There needs no measure when what is experienced is immeasurable. All that will be will be understood by the absorbing of all that there is.