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In the wake of all of this goodness, I have been so amazed by the noise that surrounds it all. Saying this isn’t commenting on the perceived positive or negative noise that always surrounds the shifting of times, but rather the amount of outpouring and claiming through celebration. Again, this is not a comment on the pride or needed exhale, but rather watching in wonderment of it all.

And yet, I am realizing for myself that I am absorbing our changing world in a very different way. For me it has been one of great internal reflection. I have observed the amazing things that have been occurring and have been digesting them into my being simply because I often can’t believe that they have actually occurred. If I can swallow them into my body and consume the joy within perhaps I can better believe that they are happening as they have become a physical part of me somehow.

In light of all of this, I have decided to use only one word this week to describe the feelings or thoughts that have been occurring as I process all that has transpired. I am calling it “One Word Week” simply distilling what I need to by choosing only one word rather than a rant or exchange. In doing so I hope to quiet those around me to enter into the simplicity of joined thought while contemplating more quietly through a focused and directed emotion. I realize I always connect better with those around me and those I love when I share what is in the moment without anything extra; stripping away unnecessary noise so that the connection is better tasted due to its simplicity of flavor.

So as I move forward this week I will express in a very succinct way and look forward to the ways in which those around me respond to the dialing back and humbling of the emotions. In addition, I am also very aware that the way we respond to change will help us better to change the other necessary and long over due shifts that need to happen immediately in our country. If we celebrate to loudly or wildly, the noise drowns out  and detracts us from addressing the pressing needs of our brothers and sisters who are also fighting battles of equality and justice. We are all not free until we are all free. We are all not legal until we all are legal. We are all not equal until we all are equal. It is a quieting respect that we offer even in times of great celebration. Our graciousness in the way we celebrate will help to let others know that we will fight along side them as well.

My One Word Week began yesterday with the word love. Simple and profound. Yet universal and necessary and needed for all. Join me in this directed expression and see what happens to your feed or to your exchanges. See what happens when we create a bridge through simple words and thoughts so as to bring people together even if they do not think or feel the same. If we create a platform to welcome others to the table for discussion while seeing them through a simple idea, perhaps we can begin to bring in more love as the walls will have come down. I wonder if we can disarm the fear and anger by simplifying the exchange?