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It is a day of centering. A day of seizing a most appropriate placement of oneself at the heart of time and space. With 182 days ahead of us and 182 days behind, we sit in between what was and what will be.

In this moment it would be wise to reflect on our actions of the past so we might look ahead with a little more clarity for a lot more compassion. This is the time to let go of our mistakes and missed opportunity welcoming all possibility and transformation.

What we decide today will be the energy of thought that will manifest into our reality. What we focus on today will script the story for what is to come in the next 182 days. Will we choose justice and equality? Will we choose love and compassion? Will we choose change and transformation? Better yet, what will I choose?

I choose to be a warrior of my choices choosing to march towards the betterment of humanity. I am deciding today to be a stone dropped into the chaotic waters of our culture in order to allow for the ripples of my actions to clear the immediate energy and injustices around me. This choice will not only effect the coming 182, but for my next 365 and beyond.

I have many choices to make today. There is great power and opportunity on this day. I will pause on many occasions today to make decisions on what will be my future and the future of those I love around me. I will release myself from my past shedding the weight of what was while opening my heart to what will be. Centering my spirit to free the open spaces ahead in order to live better than I did yesterday. Quiet in this moment, I prepare to sing my eternity.