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Returning through the foggy mountains finding joy in the light beyond, I return to a place where my heart was left and held safe by the love of my boys.

There is such a solace and serenity here at home. When I travel, I leave a part of my heart so the other half knows where I am anchored and how to find its way home. I tether myself to the space where my heart knows there is unconditional love.

I miss them when I am gone; feeling the warmth of their bodies and the love of their breath and kisses. Yet somehow I still feel them as they cuddle me in the night. Perhaps they too are dreaming of cuddling with me and feeling the touch of my simple skin against their fur.

Regardless, the exuberant joy that is ours when we reconnect and collide in ecstatic happiness that is the return. It is no wonder I wish to take them everywhere and desire to build a life where I can. And this is the reason for shifting my world; to carry the loves of your life with you so as to always have home wherever you are in the world.