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I write today from a place of admiration and pride about my experience yesterday getting coffee at a Starbucks near my gym. I just finished a wonderful swim and was heading on to my next appointment and desired a little afternoon iced coffee before venturing forward on my to do list. A regular occurrence for most of us during our regular routines and daily experiences.

Today however shifted my perspective. Today I walked up to the counter and quickly realized, after the assumption that there was a young female behind the register, that in fact, it was a transgendered person. Upon that moment my heart just ripped out of my chest with joy simply because of the courage of this person to be standing in their glory at work and in such a public and vulnerable place. Immediately my admiration for this person and my pride in who they are went through the roof.

We exchanged our business; me placing my order and them taking my money and sharing it with the barista. In this moment I began to have admiration for the entire group of people who were working at the time and my heart applaud the fact that we were there in a store with all kinds of people who supported and worked side by side with this person helping to give strength and lift up the courage of a group of people to be proud of all that they all are. At this moment I could not send out loving energy to them all and whisper in from my heart how inspired I was by them all.

Writing this today I am congratulating the transgendered person for their courage and their strength to be who they are in the midst of their everyday life. Being strong enough and proud enough to be who they are. You inspired me with your acceptance of yourself and in turn allow those around you to accept you as a human being full of love and light. Nothing more. Nothing less. You inspired me to have the courage to take up the journey of acceptance for all of those around me at all times.

I honor those colleagues and that store and company for having the courage to raise up the human condition and lift it up to a community during a time of great tension. I applaud this small yet significant success and see it as an example to do the same with all of those around me as well. How might I do this for my students, my friends, my colleagues and even strangers. How might I have the courage to accept more and see everyone as loving energy? How might I weave this powerful and inspiring moment into my everyday life?

And then I wonder, how is it we all can do this? Is it possible for us to see everyone around us with the energy of love and accept them as a fellow and equal human being? Is it possible to accept one another through love? I think so. In this way I see no good or bad, right or wrong or better or worse. We are equal. We are the same. We are love. And if we do this, perhaps we are building the kind of world where all of us will prosper, love and become all that we could and are meant to be.

As I move forward in my day today, may I carry this inspiration with me. May I share it in my actions and in my heart with everyone I encounter. May I honor everyone simply by seeing them as who they are. May I accept all things through love as I take up the challenge and this journey of acceptance. May I be a warrior for the human condition seeing it with my heart and allowing it with love.