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There are those moments when profound realizations come over us, and seemingly all at once, things just seem to make sense and the decisions we must make become all too clear.

And so it is.

In this light I allow the wisdom of the universe to pave the path. I will walk it with faith and humility.

In this light I will accept what is to move in my direction and let it wash through me as I absorb all I need from it and then let it go.

In this light I honor all that I am at this moment and do the absolute best I can in this moment and acknowledge that this is enough.

In this light I embrace the work of this journey and enjoy the satisfying sensation of determination that comes with the doing of it what I love.

In this light I acknowledge that I must walk this road regardless of what my fear says since fear is never the compass at which we should find the truth of our heart.

This is the moment at which I understand the reason and compelling need for change.

And so it shall be.