I wander the world tracing the sky. So often I find myself amidst the clouds en route to places I dreamed of as a child. Although the reason for travel may be different, the vision and reality of now is so very satisfying albeit not a precise representation of the wishes of my childhood.

As a matter of fact I am quite surprised, often giddy, at where life and the universe carries me. Yes, I give myself to the energies that flow through space and time and have given up manufacturing pathways. I prefer now a days to walk the path of light that is laid beneath my feet. It reveals itself and I take my step. And before I do, I am sure to be consciously aware and full of gratitude before I lay heal toe to ground.

I find myself full of joy when I walk the streets that I do. For some reason, coming to Paris and walking these streets feels like home. I don’t quite know the reason, but it just feels like home. This trip in particular feels so easy and right and for the first time I am hearing a language I am understanding more clearly with every uttered word. I comprehend more now than I have ever been able in the past. This knowledge seems to make things so much more rich and profound. Lucky am I to absorb a language rich in love and light.

And so after tracing the sky, I find myself alive and beaming with light as I move to rest my head after a day of travel and reclamation. I move to retire as I have returned to a city that feels like an extension of my own physicality and energy. I am a lucky individual to be able to absorb this city as often as I do. I am grateful as well as honored to be an inhabitant of such majesty and grace. May I walk your streets with admiration and appreciation drawing the historical magic into my own bones and veins. May your beauty run through my veins.