I get caught up inside the business of my life and often lose sight of the work it is I am doing. Often times I wonder if the information I share is relevant or even necessary at this time. Even though, with every fiber of my physicality, I know it is important; I still lose sight of my heart within the work.

Yesterday I was teaching a group of people who lovingly attend class with me in a setting of people who just love to dance and move their bodies. They come as regularly as their lives allow and always come with an open heart. They are not required to attend class, but they do because their spirits want to.  Naturally, the energy in the class is one of true community; everyone at their own time, own place, own reason working together to deepen their understanding of their body and soul through movement.

This particular day I decided to follow a theme I have been working on with my VCU students and really exaggerate the over curve of weight shift concept necessary in activating honest and holistic technique. In doing so I slowed down the moment of weight shift so they could feel what it meant to engage the entire body in the plie as well as tendu. We worked on it with one another and watched each other physicalize the concept and seeing the dancer intellectually and consciously connect to the work.

A delightful long time friend and student responded to the work and laid a compliment in front of me with such graciousness that her words humbled my heart. I heard her speak with her soul reminding me that this work is universal AND necessary. It made me slow myself in my tracks and remember, keep walking the long arc. What is to come is beyond your imagination. For this I am grateful and thankful to her for such a well placed compliment.