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I can’t remember that time when the purity of my heart wished the stars and the moon for love. I can’t see that moment in my life any longer as the weight of living seemingly has overshadowed and perhaps swallowed my passions for being unabashedly and unafraid of falling into the arms of love while pressing into the sensuous lips of the divine.


Removed of all sensations. Trapped behind a past that has choked the voice of a beloved. Hooded by the fear of loss. Hallow is this shell if not for the blood of movement and laughter that still, somehow, course these veins. Fed by the notion that love is enough and yet starved by the fact that it just isn’t so.


I remove the veil to stand naked in the truth of a body. Stepping into this moment with nothing but this emptiness. For it is to accept this vacancy of life with the humility that there is nothing left to lose. And where there is nothing, there lies the possibility of everything. Within this duality is the space, the moment of release; no longer holding to that which cannot be held.