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There is an immense power generated when we give to others from the depths of our hearts. This immensity is purely compounded and utterly expanded because of the silence attached to the gift. When we give without recognition we expose the heart so as to express the vulnerable exchange of love. This exchange, done without a desire to be known, is what has been known as unconditional.

Yet, our current culture seems to need to be recognized for all sorts of gifts. The ego needs to be larger than the actual gift or benefit of the gift. A individuals or groups misuse this support to call attention to themselves rather than to humbly and whole heartedly lift up the person or group that needs it most. Ironic that the need is outweighed by selfishness. Is it really a gift or is it just another business exchange? And if so, should it not be classified as such?

Are we truly a society of philanthropic people when we have to advertise our philanthropy? Might we just give because we believe and because we love? Might we give regardless of outcomes and data? When does the gift regain itself as a selfless act and be a gift of the heart again? When will we experience gifts for one another that are shared with love and light?

Is it possible to move forward and unwind the complexities that we have woven; the knots we have tangled and strangled ourselves with? Can we loosen the hold of our own hearts simply to help those that need us the most?

I have recently made a choice to do more giving and giving with love regardless of the act oe amount. I want to live in a land of give. I want to be a part of the immense power of quietly sharing the commodity of love.