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As I was running today after being away from it for almost a month again, I had an overwhelming sense of gratitude for my legs. As I cooled down and walked my way back I could not stop thinking about how grateful I am for these beautiful legs of mine and all they have been through, seen and have provided for me.

I look back to my youth and realize how much a part of my legs were in my sports participation. And although I was never really that great at any sport per se, I realize how beneficial my legs were in allowing me to do things such as the Presidential Physical Fitness tests we had to take and how many of those awards I was able to accumulate. I was a fast little one in my day and if it weren’t for these legs, I could not have traveled like the wind.

And then I think to football, wrestling, gymnastics. And yes, cheerleading. All of those wonderful experiences they allowed for me. In addition to all of the wonderful people I was able to meet and to get to know simply because I was fortunate enough to participate in such activities. How lovely to have had these legs carry me to so many wonderful people in my teens.

And then there was that time I fell in love with this thing called dance. Yes that awkward moment when I realized that I really loved a body in motion and that my legs were going to have to learn how to refine their movements and articulate in ways that they have never been asked before. And yet because of my previous life in sports my knees were somehow not having it at all. But, my legs decided that they were not going to listen to my knees and overcome the deteriorating cartilage issue that the doctor warned me about and suggested I find another passion. We clearly know where that went.

And after all these years dancing, at the age of 47, my legs still care for me and carry me to so many magical places. My legs are my life. They do so many beautiful things for me. They have provided so many experiences and adventures I could never have imagined possible. They have walked me in and out of cities all over the world. They have touched the backs of horses and elephants. They have danced on some amazing stages in the world and have been submerged in many oceans. They have given me so much.

And for this I am so appreciative. Grateful that I have these beautiful legs in which continue to allow me to purse my dreams, share my knowledge, share their knowledge and share their grace. I am so fortunate to be able to take myself for a run and move through the woods along the river of this beautiful city on such a beautiful day. Thank you legs for the amazing gifts you have given and continue to give to me. May I honor you and cherish you for all of your goodness.

Walk on!