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Making Peace with the Physical Self

As I grow older I seem to understand more deeply that I need so much less. As my life grows and I am capable of so much more, I realize there is no need for what I am able to accumulate but rather am freed by the simple and the minimal.

I sit more quietly by myself. There is less external noise needed to cover the voice within that tells me exactly what it is I need for peace and well being. Things no longer necessary are given away to find a home where they may be a necessity for others. If something no longer brings me joy in my immediate space, it no longer carries the positive energy that I deserve in my life.

The journey of the spirit seems to be all about clearing the path, the mind and the body. Yet, clearing of the body seems to be the most difficult of all the tasks. As much as I know about the body, I find it terribly difficult to keep up my body as time passes. The body changes so much and in some cases so quickly. What I know has been capable of this physical self is not as easy as it was 20 years ago.

I struggle with not being able to find the balance between what my brain and my memory understand of the ecstasy of movement and the limitations that have settled in due to not keeping up my training or not paying enough attention on maintaining the best physical tool possible. This conflict has been difficult for me and the hardest to let go of. Acceptance of the physical self has been tough. I wonder if this is a difficult thing for others? I wonder if I just have a heightened sensitivity because of the life I have lived relying on my physical self as much as I have. My body has been my life and yet I am not at peace with my present.

I guess my next spiritual adventure will be to figure out how to make peace with myself in body, mind and spirit. Bit by bit we work towards better understanding ourselves and find peace with what is. Finding peace with what can be and doing what we must to cultivate daily a peaceful life. May I be open to welcoming that peace and doing what I must to open that pathway.