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The quiet of a Sunday morning is one of the most grounding and calming times of the week. Waking to the gentle and patient kisses of Bradford while the rest of the world is still sleeping is such a moment of clarity. He wakes me not to go out, but to be cuddled and to be rubbed. He gets as close as he can without getting inside my skin so he can role over and give his belly to me. He loves this time. Perhaps one of his favorite also.

Baxter on the other hand climbs up and stands on my chest only to lay down on it releasing all of his weight upon me. He prefers to stare into my eyes until my free hand can rub underneath his chin. He has never been a huge cuddler, but when he does, he pours all of his weight into you.

So from this waking bliss we move through the ritual of letting out, feeding and preparing for some after breakfast outside time. Baxter in particular likes his time outside. He loves nothing more than to sit and watch life, and the occasional cat, pass bay. He lifts his head ever so gently to smell the neighborhood. He will sit for long periods of time just taking in the day.

Bradford on the other hand likes to sit next to me as I move through my own rituals of the AM. He is patient to allow me to go through my motions and process my day. He sits quietly right at my feet as I write and sip that wonderful morning coffee. He also likes to cuddle as close as he can when we move into our cycle of reading.

After a while though, it becomes very clear that Baxter is ready to explore the neighborhood and the city. He loves a good walk and gets terribly excited when he is asked if it is time. I am convinced he understands english and if he could talk, he would speak it as well. I am also convinced he can spell. But that is for another time.

And so the morning takes us out into the quiet of a Sunday. It tends to be much more calm outside on a Sunday. Streets are clear, not a person in sight and the parks open for the free running of the hounds. They love getting off leash to run as fast as they can to smell all they can before having to start the journey back. If it is a warmer day, we do the long walk along the park trails and the flood wall. This is what they really love.

When the weather turns much warmer and the river water catches up, there will be an element of swimming involved as well. Baxter could stay in the water all day if allowed. Bradford likes to wade, but Baxter loves to go on long swims to fetch whatever is thrown. He won’t fetch on land, but in the water, he would go for hours.

And after all of this, we return home to the quiet of our sanctuary. They pass out and I dive more deeply into the dreams of my books or the manifesting of my work. So much work is done in these few waking hours on a Sunday that I hold them sacred. I hold them dear. They are the moments in the week that rejuvenate and inspire for the week to come. If it weren’t for these rituals shared with these two boys, I would not have the peace that I do.