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I am continually reminded, one lesson after another, that my life is really about choice. This is no secret nor is it new. Not even new to me. Yet, I am being profoundly reminded again and again, and perhaps more profoundly every day through a conscious focus on gratitude. This shift towards ownership changes so much about our hearts as well as the way in which we are able to see others.

Mind you, I share this from a place of openness. I fully realize there are many situations that are presented to people on a regular basis and that many opportunities are not available for people simply because of a society that does not actual live the life of equality and justice for all. And this in itself is heartbreaking. Because I do know that often times choice isn’t even an option and to expect people to “make choices” or “make better choices” reinforces the us and them, better than and supremest sensibilities. If in fact we were all equal, we could all afford to make the kinds of choices that were in everyones personal and societal best interests.

What I am sharing though is the moment one realizes that they are fortunate to be able to make choices. This realization reinforces the need for me to make the better choices on how I treat others or how I might be of help or service to others or the cause of equality and justice. It is necessary that I must do things to see people, understand people and to do the best that I can do in order to support people in the ways of their heart and in the light of love.

These choices are not only helping others, but in the end, they are benefitting me in ways that one can’t even begin to comprehend. Many people speak of this as karma, I think of it as humanities greatest gift. The universe rewards those who give love with love. The universe rewards light with light. The universe returns more than in kind, it returns in abundance. It is emotional and spiritual tithing that is a real thing just as it is in financial terms. When you give of the heart, either tangible or intangible, you always receive far more than you can imagine in all kinds of magical ways.

I am grateful for this life. I am grateful for my work. I am grateful for my health and well being and more importantly, I am grateful for being able to be at peace with myself and the life I am living: Consciously opening the soul to allow the light of the universe and the love of fellow beings flow through me.

I choose this. I choose peace. I choose love. I choose goodness. I choose light. I choose my perspective. I choose responsibility. I choose accountability. I choose to accept myself and my work along with my words as being important and that they matter. I choose that you matter. I choose this amazing life.