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I live in the Borderland. It is a space between Here and Now, Before and After and the Known and Unknown. It is a vast space of reality in which many are called and seldom journey; A space of infinite physical wisdom and healing understood by all beings of this world. It is a silent, unspoken culture in which miracles live and breathe. Because of this great energy and light physical and emotional healing coexist. This is an immense and immeasurable vibration that surround all creatures enveloping them in the waters of creativity and life.

When in the Borderland one has great faith in the miracles of the healing body. You are encouraged to allow the body to do what it was designed to do; to heal itself and to know the journey of wellness through being one with the body’s brain and the Borderland itself. Listen to the body and you will transport yourself to this space of wellness. Listen to your body and you will be graced with an abundance of healing. The body craves wellness which is its optimal place of being. It longs to return to the Borderland to be whole.

have faith in the miracles of the body and you will know the power of relentless possibility. You will find yourself within an intelligent body that understands what it needs and how to achieve the state of wellness. When you listen, you will know yourself. And when you allow yourself this immense vulnerability, you will have allowed yourself the journey to the Borderland.