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My heart is with you as you move through this day to reach outside of yourself in order to follow your heart. You have journeyed deeply into places not of your choosing but simply out of necessity and out of the desire to love and to heal so many. You are in a space of transformation and because of that evolution, a place of great deepening and healing.

You are about to move beyond the person you have known yourself to be and to blossom into yet another bright element of yourself. I have been honored to witness you and your continued magic as you tirelessly give, love and breathe your majestic light. Although I may not have been by your side physically, I have been in your heart with my heart loving you quietly and unconditionally by simply wishing your success with whispers of the heart.

I am with you today as I am with you always; watching you succeed for yourself and for your well being. I am proud to be and have been your friend. I am honored to have been on this journey of ebb and flow. You are my beautiful friend and a majestic light for me. In the dark I can see you and I know all will be right. And for that, I am most humbly grateful.

You have changed the world because I have witnessed how you have changed me. You have changed those who have witnessed your light. Go and shine your light. You will always succeed. Always. No fear when you are the light.