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I am not like others. I have never been nor will ever be. I have always wandered through places in untraditional or conventional ways. I have traversed these places alone while carrying with me only a shield of spirit. Despite this, this chosen shield has always been porous letting in things wished for and also things unwanted. Some might ask “then what good is a shield of spirit when it doesn’t fully protect you?”. The point was never to be protected but simply to slow down the overwhelming amount of of love being given on a regular basis.

With this remarkable offering there is sometimes some of the unwanted that gets in alongside the wanted. The real magic is then watching the way in which love swallows the sorrow while transforming it into energy. Watching this alchemical transformation then reminds me why I picked that shield up as a little boy; this spirit that is one with all things is one with love, and in the end, love prevails.