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Where is he when he dreams? Where does he go when he closes his eyes and falls into the deepest of slumbers I could only wish I could have? What is it does he see? Does he see me?

I watch the movements of his breath and the movements of his legs and wonder, is he chasing something across some field in some far off land? Does he feel free to roam wherever he may choose?

I also wonder if he is happy in his dreams or if the scars of the life he lived before me linger in his night time? Would it be lovely if all that filled his slumber was the life and love of now.

All I know is that it brings my heart so much joy to see him so comfortable that he melts into the sofa, bed or my arms. I am at least grateful he feels the safety of my love and of my heart. Certainly happy he finds sanctuary in this home to.

When he is awake I do often wonder if perhaps he ever dreamed of being here, a place of endless love and kisses. I know I have most certainly dreamt of him and elated that my dreams have come true.