Well the day has been full of creativity, physicality and healing. So much so that I find myself at the end of the day making sure I uphold my commitment. Yes, it is the end of the day and I have realized my focus has taken me so many other places other than writing.

I am feeling giddy over the idea that I actually am taking the time to keep my commitment and to sit and write. Oddly it is not out of obligation but rather a sense of commitment to staying the course and supporting myself regardless of what it takes. It kind of feels empowering really to take the time, make the time and keep the promise.

So instead of feeling as if I am falling short, it feels good to acknowledge commitment, courage and creativity. I may not be following the thoughts of the past three days, but I am following through. And quite frankly, following through is not easy but I am doing it.

Here’s to saying yes. Here’s to saying ok. Here’s to taking and making the time. Here’s to showing up and following through. And here’s to simply doing the best at this moment and going through whatever needed to be gone through to make it work. It might not be the longest post, but it’s a post.

And for that, I’m proud. Do what you can and gotta do. Then, let it all go.