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“That’s the strange thing about us human beings is  even if the heart is lost, l we are still capable of giving love. The only difficulty is when the heart is no longer there, it’s almost impossible to receive love”.

This line comes at a time in the work where the character’s niece shared with him that she has read all letters that he gave to her mother, his sister, for safekeeping. After her passing the daughter is going through her mother’s things and comes across the correspondence between her uncle and a long lost love. 

It’s a tender dialogue in which much about the secret love affair is revealed in addition to the painful unexpected separation which affects the rest of his life. The irony is that even in pain, one can still give love even if the heart has difficulty accepting it. 

It’s a fascinating conundrum to choose to continue loving even if one has difficulty letting them feel the vulnerability of being loved. This is what is difficult for the niece to understand after the heartfelt and close relationship that the two of them have shared. 

It makes one wonder how many folks go through this or if in fact some don’t even have the courage to love? To love and be loved would seem to go hand in hand but what if only half of the equation is the only thing possible for some? 

What if half of that equation is folks who only let folks love them but never love in return? Is it difficult for human beings to find the right equation that equals true love and happiness or do we all vacillate between many of these imbalanced relationships? 

It is a beautiful and tender story that is shaping up wonderfully and I am excited to be working on this long term project with a clarity that is new for me. All of this clearing of the mind is also a cleansing which opens the space for a creative flow that has been hidden for some time.