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As the last week of June begins and July is just on the horizon it is nice to just take in the breath of this moment and celebrate what a lovely month it has been. Such a glorious creative journey in addition to creative momentum building full of great opportunities and connections. 

It feels good to be alive in the creative process especially after the past two years of working through the pandemic and trying to just keep swimming to hold onto any type of grounding let alone healing. 

The time spent in the chaos was a time for returning to awareness and a great deal of heart work. Doing the work of healing and revealing. It was a way of working and researching but in a very different kind of way. It was an introspective research period of asking questions and waiting for the response. Waiting patiently for an answer if one didn’t reveal itself all that quickly. 

Learning to listen, to truly listen, has been a blessing and a savior for the past few years. Although the false self was feeling the need to produce, the authentic self kept true to just being as an antidote to pretending to be creative. 

There were moments when I would look around and everyone was making for the sake of making for fear of becoming irrelevant that I just had to dig in and claim that that is not the maker I am. Standing my ground to be patient for the medium I love to return was the way to reclaim the voice that got lost in the doing rather than in the being of the art. 

I was reminded about my conviction to be ok doing what I do and to accept the fact that I may never be able to make three dimensional kinetic worlds in person again. There was a simple acceptance of letting go and yet strong confidence that it was just a matter of time. I do what I love because of the humanity of it all; the connection and physical engagement. Not for any other reason. 

All this to say that there is much empowerment in staying the course, your course. There is much agency and voice in doing the quiet work regardless of what a culture might say or even demand. You are relevant in the silence as much as you are relevant in the noise. And maybe, just maybe even more expressive in the explanation of nothing.