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Well welcome to July! Can you believe it is the beginning of July already? I am not even sure I know where June went with all the hustle and bustle and whirlwind of creativity. What I do know is that I am super grateful for the month for all kinds of reasons. 

First I must say that despite not getting my thirty days all in I am still grateful for the process and all the rich energy that has come from it all. That and just the energy that is a result from going ahead anyway. Just doing the job regardless. And isn’t that in itself a lesson to just do it regardless of the outcome? 

I am continually reminded of that very important lesson, just do your job. Be good by doing. Do good by doing. Just commit and let the work be carried by the divine. All too often we feel as if we have to carry the ball across the finish line but really, we don’t. We have help. Yes, all the magic that the universe is capable of if we simply set the job in motion. 

I have been recognizing this time and again this month. Doing the work regardless of what might become with a faith that whatever does is what is best. Just today there were two happenings in which the energy and creativity I was working with showed up in two folks I interacted with. The divine occurrence fell into place and now I know the next steps I have been waiting for. No push, just patience.

Can we be patient in our presence? Are we capable of waiting for the line? Waiting for the step? Waiting for the right information to complete whatever creative project we are working on? And perhaps it doesn’t just have to be creative either. It could be in every aspect of our life, too. 

It is rather peculiar that in being present we have to be patient. We have to wait and create the space for the magic to exist and to work. We have to be open in our faith to let what unfolds be even more than we could have ever imagined or dreamed. What if there are energies out there conspiring for even better than we can imagine and yet we just simply can’t open our hearts enough to let them be filled. 

So I move into July with just five days left of writing to complete my thirty day challenge. Proud of the completion but even more satisfied with all that has come of this delightful journey. Let’s see how many days will actually come of all this giddiness. 

Enjoy your month and start it off by doing something delightfully in line with your heart. Be congruent in your spirit and just let the heart open so it can be filled with whatever it desires. Oh, and be prepared for the overflow. It can happen.