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As I approach the end of this challenge I feel a strong sense of gratitude for embarking on this journey and all that has revealed itself in doing so. In the doing and being of it all I feel a sense of satisfaction and joy in seeing something through in addition to a sense of freedom and openness for an endless flow of creativity. 

In one of my readings yesterday I was struck by the notion of changing the energy of my to do list by reframing it by calling it my “get to do list”. And just like that it holds a new energy and a new light. I get to do so many wonderful things in my day and that reframing sets a tone and a vibration for a positive and engaged practice of doing. 

I get to do this challenge. I get to write. I get to do EBAS. I get to read. I get to research. I get to walk with my dogs. I get to take them to the dog park. I get to eat well. I get to hydrate. I get to care for myself. I get to meditate. I get to practice my presentation. I get to be good and do good. I get to be the light that is the flame of the universe. 

It was a profound rewiring yesterday and just what I needed to add to this practice of writing and the positive perspective just doing the challenge has shifted for me. I encourage you to shift your language and vibration by doing the same. It’s as if the small addition of get transforms the energy to a higher level and is full of gratitude. 

Yesterday was just so lovely because of it. Even though I was doing a movement healing and wellness session followed by a tech rehearsal for my conference, I was in a state of joy because I got to do it all. And isn’t that a delight that we get to do things as opposed to having to do things. 

What if we never asked the question of ourselves and others of “what do you have to do today?” What if we asked one another what do you get to do today? Would that not change the vibration of our relationship with that person? Might it set a different tone for the work they get to do out in the world that day? Might that energy, light and joy be a beacon for others? 

It is really lovely how such a small shift is capable of transforming the direction of energy and thought. Such a small shift to transform the intentions of the day. And in this way we are never without creativity. We are always able to get creative and to live in the flow of creativity. 

I get to post this 29th entry of a 30 day challenge today. I get to celebrate small successes and see myself finishing this journey with a wonderful energy. I get to enjoy the sense of accomplishment and carry that energy with me all day. I get to live a day filled with joyful energy. 

And so I close by wishing you well. Yes, I get to wish you well. What do you get to do today?