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It has been some time since my last post and i have been missing my regular check in and expression of the heart and creativity that this platform offers. I have also missed the practice of writing as well. Since school has started i have simply been pulled in too many directions.

It’s time to refocus and give myself the time and space to get back into practice and use the writing as another form of focus, energy building and meditation. I fortunately have been doing other practice work and now need to fold this back into the rituals and routines of the day.

In the new ways of sharing my research with folks it has been such a pleasure to be able to return to the Conscious Happy Hour episodes with my creative colleague and Transcendental Adventurer, Keith Bell. Our Friday night event focused on the intersection of the Metal and Earth through the lens of LU 9 and LI 11. such a wonderful sharing of breath work and movement helping us all to prepare ourselves for the full expression of the Metal element we are moving through.

I just love this work and if your interested in joining us you can find us on Facebook in a group called the Transcendental Adventures. these events are free and we would love to share our work with you.