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If I could share my secrets with you, I would do so. Yet these secrets I understand are not mine to tell. These whispers are there for all of us; every being that shares this earth. As a matter of fact, infinite wisdom is available to anyone and any being should they choose to quiet the mind in order to hear what the energies of the world have to say. 

What seems like magic to some is in fact truly science yet to be understood by a mind full of individual need. When there is no space in mind, there is no room for new. It’s awfully difficult to welcome change when there is no space for change to occur. 

This can often be seen in the training of the body as well. When we miss the opportunity to find space within our body, we miss the greatest chance we have to open up from within in order to truly understand how miraculous our elegant body can perform. Instead we force, manipulate and violently demand from our body what is not functionally supportive of a body in the act of healing and congruent with a body in the state of movement wellness.

The through line here is the need and craving for space, both physically and energetically, to be able to function from the voice of the heart and the breath of quietude. Both the body and the mind need space and time to quietly open us up to listen with the fullness of our being. 

Is it possible for you to press open time to slow the mind and to sit with yourself? Small moments strung together create larger moments and create greater energy. Slowly and deliberately our choices become actions that allow deeper connections and deeper listening. 

It is possible to listen even when living within the chaos. It is possible to listen even when we are within pain. It is possible to be at our lowest point and still make the decision to be, to still and to listen. These in fact difficult times are often the greatest gift we could ever be given. Perhaps we could see these moments as a map for the bridge of transformation spoken only in the ways we so stubbornly cling to in order to move us to a place where we finally let go and give ourselves over to those whispers of time. 

Welcome space and time into small moments of your life on a daily basis and the secrets you crave will be lovingly shared. This abundance is yours just as it is every living thing.