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Fire is a time of great expression and activation. It is a time of letting your creative talents, your deepest truth and your greatest story move out into the world. The fire element is about complete realization and that time is now.

We are all in the season of fire and could very much use this energy to engage our warmth, maturity and expression of life. It is in tune with the emotion of happiness and joy. And despite the heat, this is a time of movement and release.

If you can, find time this season to get a move on and see how the energy in your life shifts. See how much the body responds to this movement and really gets all things in your life moving again. Small walks. Swimming. Dancing. Movement of any kind can immediately shift you into harmony regardless of what kind it is. In fact, turn up the sound in your life and turn up and burn up the dance floor.

As a person who lives with, in and from the body; the body craves movement and so does the soul. You are energy that needs to keep moving, vibrating and pulsing in, through and about space. Space is your friend and wants to be explored. Go on an adventure and an expedition for you. Go anywhere and move yourself into wellness and well-being. Slow and steady always wins the race they say.

So when you feel like all you wish to do is check out, check in with your body and realize the incredible wellness the fire element can offer you. Be congruent with the season and move yourself to goodness and glory. Your body will thank you by pumping up the volume of all the good chemicals and proteins it makes to make you well. Go on. Move into the new body and kind of you.