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I have been recently writing about my return to running and all that it has been doing for me energetically, physically and physiologically. There has been a tremendous return to a body in motion and this a reminder of how good movement makes, and always has, made me feel.

Today begins another return to a practice that speaks to my heart; and that is a return to swimming. Slicing water and moving with a buoyant resistance is another great reminder of what it means to move through many elements that bring great joy. This evening will see a return to a training practice of swimming and running which will shift my being for sure.

It has been a great feeling to fall back to a body in motion in other ways than just dance and EBAS. Moving in these new ways will undoubtedly expand my neural pathways and physiologically shift so many things within my body. I am looking to see how this will support both physical and emotional well being.

This return is also a reminder to really carve out time for oneself and to commit to oneself simply because we deserve it. We get lost in the doing and in the race to prove and succeed so much so that we lose a light and this lose ourselves. It is a challenge for sure and will be a clear struggle to see how to keep this moment especially upon returning to the systems of work.

I guess the thing we will really have to consider is what can I let go of and in what ways might I be able to become much more efficient and effective in my work? This will be a new journey of discovery as well. One that will challenge but also inform in ways I have not known before. Finding balance and harmony in life, love and work. A challenge for us all.

But, I do believe it is possible. I even think it will in a strange way enhance many aspects of the things I am doing and oddly increase productivity. Increase productivity but balance with the commitment of time. After all, what good is a productivity if in fact there is no other joy in one’s life.