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Today marks the fourth human year around the sun for my beautiful boy, Beathan. We have been together for three and a half years since his adoption/rescue and it seems as though I perhaps was the one who won that lottery of love that day. No, I am sure of it.

You see, oddly enough, Beathan was born on the same day as his older brother (not known to him) passed away. His name was Baxter. He unfortunately passed naturally as his body gave out due to thyroid issues and he left this place at a rather young age. He too was a brilliant light and was very much an energy that lit the way for me on so many levels.

The irony of Baxter’s passing and the breath of life being given to Beathan on the same day has not been lost on me. As a matter of fact, I don’t doubt for one second Baxter is not living to light the way through and with Beathan. Their energy, light and love are too coincidental. I often feel on many levels Baxter is reminding me of many things through Beathan’s actions. Too many similarities to not recognize.

None the less, Beathan, in his own beautiful way, is yet another reminder of unconditional and never ending love. His sweetness is felt by so many with whom he encounters and can easily sense his depth and wisdom. Let alone his protective nature for myself, and with his extended pack.

He is a light in the dark always and stares deeply into the depth of my being daily. He has taken the responsibility of gently waking me so we can connect with an early morning cuddle and heartfelt staring. Sometimes I wake and he is already there patiently waiting for the actual wake up call. And this is how we begin each and every day.

So Happy Birthday my Beautiful Light! Happy Birthday to the light that has been there for oh so very long. I am grateful for you and all you bring.