Scott Putman is an Associate Professor in dance and choreography at Virginia Commonwealth University. He is also the founder and Artistic Director of Amaranth Contemporary Dance (www.amarantharts.com) as well as the creator of the Elemental Body Alignment System©(www.doebas.com) and faculty member in the Summer Arts Program at the Accademia dell’ Arte in Arezzo, Italy. Scott has received numerous awards including the distinguished Theresa Pollack Excellence in the Arts Award for his work with his company Amaranth Contemporary Dance and the National Choreography Plan Award for exceptional choreography from RDA, Pacific. Scott’s work continues to be presented internationally in Italy, Mexico and Scotland as well as nationally in showcases and festivals with commissions by both ballet and modern dance companies. He has danced for Mordine and Company Dance Theatre, Dimitrius Klein Dance Company, Minnesota Ballet, Ballet Theatre of Chicago, Donald McKayle, David Alan, Douglas Becker, and Geri Houlihan. Scott received his B.A. from Columbia College, Chicago, and M.F.A. from the University of California at Irvine, where he was a Chancellors Fellow and William Gillespie Scholar.


Choreography is the art of shaping energy in space. By understanding how energy is channeled throughout the body, one can manifest energy flow within space and between bodies; crafting and shaping organic pathways full of rich imagery supporting a physical language speaking visually to the concepts embedded in each work.

Starting with a solid understanding of technique based in the principles of the Elemental Body Alignment System, I like to utilize choreographic challenges to play with movement invention discovering new ways of putting information together. It is at the crossroads of technical and choreographic challenge that I discover what the voice of a work begins to sound like so that I might begin listening.

Many of the concepts I enjoy investigating relate to contemporary modern physics and the parallels they have with eastern philosophy and esoteric practices. Although my work is abstract in its initial process, the work evolves and speaks universally through the marriage of concept and image. I find this particular interaction incredibly rich as it allows the work to then speak for itself and embody a universal consciousness that in turn speaks to each person viewing the work.


The Elemental Body Alignment System (EBAS) is a series of exercises designed to activate intrinsic musculature for greater structural integrity and kinetic efficiency. EBAS developmentally works from the inside out informing the students understanding of center line concepts while activating core integration enhancing ones ability to articulate and gesticulate their bodies. This transformative and physical conscious building work allows for greater efficiency, flexibility and overall range of motion and well being. It is a holistic practice acting as a cross-training for all forms of dance, physical theater, sports and yoga.

Amaranth Contemporary Dance

Amaranth Contemporary Dance established itself as a “hidden jewel” in Richmond, Virginia in December of 2006. Amaranth was born out of the Experiment in White Project created to deeper explore Artistic Director, Scott Putman’s belief that choreography is the art of shaping energy in space. Since its unveiling the company has presented and shared its work in Italy, Mexico, California, Colorado, North Carolina, Rhode Island and Virginia.

It is Amaranth’s mission to create sustainability through the art of dance by fulfilling its vision of letting the creation and presentation of new work generate educational outreach and financial support for other 501c3 organizations and educational entities. To date the company has shared over $80,000 worth of financial and educational support to the communities with which they have shared their dances.

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