Learning to Recognize the Moment of Transformation


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There comes a time when we recognize the moment in which our life turns a corner. That realization to face the change with courage, dignity and humility is a quintessential pivot in our consciousness as well as in our well-being. This is a defining moment and one that will transform us and our lives completely.

Often times we are unable to recognize these miraculous moments due to the cacophony of noise that surrounds our everyday existence not to mention the noise residing in our own mind. When we are immersed in such noise we know we have succumbed to the betrayal of our authentic selves and have fallen into the falsehood of intellect rather than the intelligence of the heart.

One way to unravel this strangle hold is to immerse oneself into the reorganization of the physical body through conscious training by cultivating an intimate relationship in which the body is the tool to reestablish our relationship to ourselves. This is crucial to being able to create both the physical and emotional space for realigning the vibrations of a healthy being.

There are so many ways to go about this awakening. So many movement modalities and practices that one can connect with to foster a healthy relationship with mind/body. Whatever the practice you choose, give it time. Patience is a required element in the equation for peace and physical and spiritual well-being. Allowing yourself to explore time in an unconventional way so as to suspend habitual or conditional thinking will nurture a new physical paradigm.

Just as it takes time to train the ears to hear, the eyes to see and the heart to speak; so too is it necessary to give space to time to press open a moment allowing the body to unravel itself through its own weight and its own wisdom. Give yourself to the magnitude of your being so as to recognize the moment when the universe opens the door to the greatest road map for success, prosperity and spiritual bliss.


Let Me Be


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Let me be Sand

Let me be Water

Let me be Sky

Let me be that which is below, beside and above

Let me surround you with all I am so you never question my love

Let me sustain you with all I am so you know I am always there for you

Let me satisfy you with all I am so you trust your heart, your beauty and your grace

Let me be Sand

Let me be Water

Let me be Sky

Listen with Sensitivity


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The veneer of love may be all some are able to know, yet there is so much more to understand beneath the noise of our culture. If one listens with the deepest sensitivity they will find the fullness of what love can give. Be mindful one does not fall prey to the flowery words, shallow deeds and manipulative gestures of those that are deeply wounded. It is a destructive trap leading one astray, disillusioned and the heart in eternal sadness. Trust in the light that lives within the bones which radiate the well-spring of blood flowing through the wise heart.

Lifting Lines Morphing Visions- P3:3


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Listen, can you hear it?

Wait, can you feel it?

Quiet, its subtlety is sublime.

Listen, its faint vibration a fathomless expanse of wonder.

Wait, its opportunity an incomprehensible bliss.

Quiet, its meeting you long before you are even aware you beckoned it.

Listen and wait quietly for what is to be your second journey into the first time you allowed yourself to be.

Listen and wait quietly to unleash the wild wonderment of the fathomless you.

Lifting Lines Morphing Visions- P3:3


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Silent despairing winter. Only magical thinking creates the light. Lives without thoughts or dreams welcome nothing but barren hearts.

Imagine sounds of a different ending. Images so conscious it is as if they are that of smoke.

And when the smoke clears it reveals that of love and attention. A new image of spring.

Celebrate the change of the season so as to sow the field of love allowing the heart to bear its blooms.

Lifting Lines Morphing Visions- P3:2


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The sun, at once ablaze

His expression

His mindset

His expression, silver sheen

His mindset, focused

His expression, radiant

A listening

A long pause

Are you forgetting

You’re forgetting

Denying time and place

Listen and understand the open voices

The light at once lets in all the heart needs to hear and all one needs to know


Lifting Lines Morphing Vision- 1:5:18


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Recognizing Kinsman

I looked at his half smile. Fake to me. His eyes had a watery unfocused look. His words an unmistakeable lisp.

My kinsman.

He looked out. A transformed face. Our story. The pain.

Looking up at the sky, I was staring at him. Quietly staring at him.

I held his gaze.

So beautiful.

Holding hands.

It was then I realized the time of the stars.

My Beautiful Friend/A Majestic Light


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My heart is with you as you move through this day to reach outside of yourself in order to follow your heart. You have journeyed deeply into places not of your choosing but simply out of necessity and out of the desire to love and to heal so many. You are in a space of transformation and because of that evolution, a place of great deepening and healing.

You are about to move beyond the person you have known yourself to be and to blossom into yet another bright element of yourself. I have been honored to witness you and your continued magic as you tirelessly give, love and breathe your majestic light. Although I may not have been by your side physically, I have been in your heart with my heart loving you quietly and unconditionally by simply wishing your success with whispers of the heart.

I am with you today as I am with you always; watching you succeed for yourself and for your well being. I am proud to be and have been your friend. I am honored to have been on this journey of ebb and flow. You are my beautiful friend and a majestic light for me. In the dark I can see you and I know all will be right. And for that, I am most humbly grateful.

You have changed the world because I have witnessed how you have changed me. You have changed those who have witnessed your light. Go and shine your light. You will always succeed. Always. No fear when you are the light.

No Longer to Speak/Rather to Live


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I feel compelled to no longer speak the truth but rather to live the truth. There is so much noise and so much rhetoric that one can no longer hear oneself think or even feel. Much less to engage in a dialogue in which one grapples with the challenges we face at all levels and on all fronts. Things have changed, and  we need a new way of engaging in the world and supporting that change while simultaneously caring for the self and for the best interest of the heart. It is time to live in radical justice and in fact justice for all.

It is important to give voice to issues that face us and crush so many. It is even more important to live in the light of support for all of those that need it. Even more so. Just repeating the lip service is not enough. We all know the catch phrases and the buzz words can certainly mask so many a things, specifically the ego and the narcissism behind the facade of love and support. Be mindful that love sometimes is shared in the act of love and not behind the veneer of words.

We are conditioned to perceive love and support in ways that are not necessarily honest or real. So many times we have been expressly told whom we can and can’t love. And this more out of fear rooted in hate and ignorance. And remember, people of all walks love in very different ways. Let them, as opposed to forcing your view on the way in which you think love should be shared. When I realized the depth of my fathers love, I finally realized I had to see him and his love for the only way he knew how to show his love for me. Then, and only then, was I able to release the need that he love me the way I wanted but that he could not.

The same is true in all of our lives. The loudest person in the room yelling at you and expressing that they love you and would do anything for you, might just be the facade they need to help them feel that they in fact are loved and so desperately need your acknowledgment simply because they are blinded by the strangling of themselves. Might love be expressed in all kinds of ways? Might love even be expressed more through the quietude of the moment that two people share a space? Might we experience this love and this truth by simply being and sharing?

I feel compelled to no longer speak the language of love but rather to live love in the quietest ways that work in the ways in which my heart speaks. The truth of the radical heart might not be the loudest, but perhaps the one that surrounds you in a blanket of belief.

Learn to Listen to your Body.


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Learning to listen to the body is at the center of training the body in any movement modality or technique. There are countless lens’s in which people engage in movement or physical practices in which they are drawn to and find a connection with. The most significant realization across this vast spectrum is that the body is the constant in every single one. And while different aesthetics or practices focus on different aspects of the body, ultimately, the body functions as a human body regardless.

If we allow ourselves to turn inward to recognize sensations of movement and techniques we allow ourselves to connect more fully to our physicality and to the spirit within that vessel. When we focus on the external picture, image or end result we no longer feel with the heart but see something outside and separate of ourselves. If we can learn how to see with our sensations we will learn to feel with our hearts. If we learn to do this more deeply, we will find a deeper consciousness with our physical tool and understand how to ask more graciously of it and build a sense of communication with a body that has an intelligence we seldom allow to be tapped.

Our culture doesn’t quite afford us this luxury. But in fact, it is not a luxury at all. What it is, is absolutely necessary. We can no longer work in a disconnected fashion any longer and expect to function authentically if we separate the head from the body and the brain from the body’s brain. The art of movement; artistic, fitness or sport, deserves a more profound relationship with spirit and body in order for more soulful action, physical sustainability and holistic well being. It is time to honor the body as a significant partner in our journey rather than a work horse to ride for selfish satisfaction only to be discarded when it no longer can support the human ego.

What if it is possible to gain without pain? What if it is possible to achieve without the brutality of body? What if you might train faster while achieving greater physical success? It is possible. It really is possible. The key to achieving this is simply to choose the present moment of practice in order to feel the information being shared in the now. Our past has brought us to this place in life and in order to move forward we must accept that it has served us up until now but that we do not have to let it hold our physicality from experiencing the magnitude of our potential. We can be so much more than our ego let’s us. Let your body speak to you and tell you what it needs. Listen to the wisdom of its physicality to speak the truth of what it can be.