Finding the Space to Breathe

In my quest to conquer this challenge I see that the schedule I keep has created a break in my momentum. I began my challenge and was so proud to be on my way, and then my life happened. It seems to be the theme for me this past year. Begin and begin and begin again.

And so I begin again. This time facing the challenge head on and continuing to put my focus forward into the wind just as a plane does to find the lift to take off. As I find myself traveling yet again, slicing the clouds to fulfill my grateful obligations, I begin again.

I am not apologizing for not having a moment to breathe, sit and write, rather I am taking ownership of my place and my life choices and acknowledging that I have to do better. I have to make better choices with my schedule and with how much work I am doing and use the power within me to simply say NO to doing so much.

I have often felt as if I have been doing wonderfully fulfilling work on many levels, but at the same time not doing the deep heartfelt work that my spirit desires. Doing for the sake of doing in order to build a CV or the appearance of success is no longer an option for me. I choose beautifully light filled work saturated with passion and love. I choose to honor the creative process for myself as well as for those around me. Especially my students.

I feel as if I have not been able to have the space and time to give to them what it is they need and what it is they need of me. I possess a special gift and skill set that is unique to me which allows for students to make incredible, mature and artful transformations. I see it all the time, but with a little more space to breathe with them, I wonder what might be even more possible?

So on this day three of my challenge, I challenge us all to rise up to face each of our own wind, create space within our hearts and within our bodies to allow ourselves the opportunity to push into and lean into the wind of our hearts desire and take flight. There is no stopping any one of us to fulfill our spirits need to become, create and live a life of magic. Go ahead, lean into the wind with me!