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It is rather odd this notion of air travel. We hurl ourselves so fast into the future or the past depending on our relative point of departure and destination. Regardless, we press ourselves into such small spaces to save time in transit and yet never really are able to comprehend how much time we remove on our lives due to the mere stress on the body and the soul.

We’re we really meant to fly so far and so fast breaking barriers of space and time so fast that our brains and our bodies are not actually cobble of absorbing the stores put on them? Is this lap a reflection on how quickly our lives are moving in relationship with technology? Are we actually physically and emotionally capable of breaking these thresholds?

I wonder at what point we might wake up and realize the new to establish boundaries or limits on what we Re able to experience out of the mere fact of saving our souls. Are we as a species even able to regulate
ourselves in these ways?