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Today I experienced what might be defined as the highlight of my twenty year professional education career.  I met Maxine Greene; writer, philosopher and education activist extraordinaire.  She is as brilliant, warm, and engaging as anyone might imagine.  I was ushered into this personal introduction by Nick Sousanis; artist and scholar-an equally brilliant, warm and engaging individual.  By the end of a day of sharing our individual and collective visions for the future of education, I arrived at my inspiration for this week’s blog.  My title, Escape from Flatness, emerged from looking at some of Nick’s artistic work; using comic book art to create an alternative form of discourse around education issues (among other things).  Principally, Nick recognizes that art, as a form of visual communication, can articulate theories, ideas, and concepts via synchronous forms of narrative engagement.  Some of his illustrations deal with the theme of “flatness.”

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