Looking at my Facebook feed this morning I was reminded by my memories about my challenge for myself to write every day for 30 days to help with gaining momentum in my writing as well as to engage in the practice of writing to help enhance my ability to speak more clearly through the pen. I realized it has been some time since I have been able to commit to such a challenge due to my insanely busy schedule this past year and know that this is just the medicine I need.

Writing, like any art form, is a practice. I commit to practice in the dance form in all kinds of ways but in writing, the form in which I am the most unsure and nervous with, I tend to let go and place to the side. My challenge for myself this month is to put it at the front of the to do practice list and engage and challenge myself in new ways to express the thoughts and feelings I am having on a regular basis.

I invite you along on this journey to share in the process as well as the trials of expressing my thoughts in as clear, concise and poetic a ways as possible. I invite you to dialogue with me as well to discuss the topics or concepts brought up in these meanderings and engage in collaborating and mentoring the process. I have feared writing for so long and have be ashamed of my limited skill in this area and now am tired of hiding in the dark. I have returned to my warrior training and in doing so need to bring all of myself to the light in order to be at the physical, mental and emotional capacity to succeed.

I look forward to this journey with you and for the learning and development that will transpire as I engage the practice in the art of writing. May your heart feel what the eyes feed them and may your soul absorb what the language breathes.