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My boys are my light. They being so much to our lives and this little pack that we are. It is really a joy filled home full of love, life and joy. I am constantly expressing gratitude to the ether and to them for the world we have created together. A mutually agreed upon life changing of bliss.

Part of our agreements is that we must walk together in nature. This one in particular really makes them happy. It allows both of them time to stay connected to being outside and to enjoy the beauty and serene of this beautiful earth. That and the parks offer so much stimulation with all of the smells, sounds and elements.

One of the things we try and connect with in our daily adventures is the water. Both of them love to swim and to romp in the water. Pounce really. It brings both of them so much joy and excitement. You can see how it lights up their hearts and reconnects them to the joys they both connect with.

Our excursions usually allow us to be out in the world exploring and simply enjoying being together and letting nature reconnect with us and do our best to listen to what she has to say. There is a lot to be learned by walking amongst the trees. We quiet our hearts and open our ears. And usually, we always receive something good.

And so as part of the yin/yang living; with great exertions come the need to restore. So the boys also enjoy the delightful break of a nap. Especially when it gets to happen when Papa decides to meditate. And often times, you can catch them in cuddle love mode. More than often really. It’s more like always.