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There is a misunderstood reality about love. Many feel that in order to have love in one’s life one should be selfless and completely transparent. I am not sure this is truly the case. Yes it is important to let people in, but it is important to not let them in to destroy and suck the very essence of your heart and soul. Too often we are wanting to let love in only to find “love” has taken pieces of our being and removed the very precious DNA building blocks of who we really are.

I believe there needs to be balance. There needs to be preservation of spirit and being first and the protection of the heart to be in compliance with the rules of love. Yes people, there are rules. Here are some so that when you see the very deepest part of your being  walking out the door in your lovers hands you know what to do:

Rule 1) Never ever say no to your heart

Rule 2) Never stop creating to make room for love, love lives in the creativity

Rule 3) If your love does not support your creative heart, love does not support you

Rule 4) Carve time out in your life to be alone. Love lives in the quiet places of you

Rule 5) Love is you

These rules are the building blocks, the bricks and mortar, the very foundation of your fortress. Yes, you need a fortress for your heart. Having walls up to let people in is an appropriate response to love. Always remember the story of the Trojan horse. Be very mindful of what you allow in to your castle. You are the King or Queen of your domain and it is you who is responsible for what comes and what goes. Don’t fear not letting everyone in. Don’t fear not asking them to leave either. Love lives and thrives in a place that is protected. Your heart and soul depend on it! The kingdom of your life does too!