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Duality, rather the extreme of duality, is significant and yet insignificant. It’s own nature diminishes any division by encouraging, and perhaps welcoming the unification of all things. We are taught this and that. Light and dark. As if these things are separate and somehow different. Yet, truthfully, they are on a spectrum within a field of multiplicity of no right or no wrong. Everything just is.

This is not to say that complacency is our present, but being present washes away complacency itself and promotes action for equality and balance. Walk in the presence of your heart and speak with the hearts greatest truth and desire. The solutions to your perceived division will present themselves through the magic of truth.

The spells we cast on ourselves are the ones that bind us to the differences between us. Perhaps it is in accepting the true nature of reality in that all things are one is the only way to break the spell of condition and oppression. Allow for the unification of all things and you will allow yourself to walk as one with the world.